Playing and Effective ClericEdit

Spell selection and special abilities may determine the role you can play in any party adventure on a server. It is easy to get trapped into the role of medic if you choose to become a Cleric. Unless that's what you want to become, use your character to break out of the mould. You have the power to turn undead which can prove invaluable in crypts and other ghostly situations. On top of that, you also can rely on heavy armour and simple weapons. also at a push, you can use your healing spells to cause damage to undead creatures.

Alignment ConsiderationsEdit

Chaotic GoodEdit

Chaotic NeutralEdit

Chaotic EvilEdit

Neutral GoodEdit

True NeutralEdit

Neutral EvilEdit

Lawful GoodEdit

Lawful NeutralEdit

Lawful EvilEdit

Race ConsiderationsEdit








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